If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to recycle your wine corks, look no further. These projects only require 1 (one) wine cork each. Of course, you’ll probably need a few more materials (as documented in the tutorials). Cork Love Bugs These cute love bugs are a perfect […]

Cork Ornament Projects with 1 Wine Cork

Here are a few fabulous cork ornaments you can make with only 2 (two) wine corks! Robot Ornaments Check out these shiny robot ornaments from AdventuresInMaking.   Cork Car Yes, this wine cork car actually rolls from Zween. Candy Cane Ornament Snowman Cork Ornament This project actually requires 1 wine […]

Cork Ornament Projects with 2 Wine Corks

With only 3 corks, you can create the ever popular reindeer cork ornament. Reindeer Cork Ornament For my more advanced crafters, check out the LED Cork Reindeer.  

Cork Ornament Projects with 3 Wine Corks

With 4 wine corks, or a combination of champagne and wine corks, the possibilities get more exciting in cork crafting. Cork Bear Ornament Wine Cork Doggy Check out this versatile wine cork dog that can be used as an ornament or for Valentine’s Day from Kathy’s AngelNik Designs & Art […]

Cork Ornament Projects with 4 Wine Corks

Check out these fun projects with 5 wine corks. Wine Cork Boat Summer or Winter, this Wine Cork Boat from Creative Jewish Mom floats into fun! Wine Cork Horse Ornament

Cork Ornament Projects with 5 Wine Corks